dekoraPUR GmbH

Top quality and innovative products.

Our company offers high-gloss elements for the kitchen and furniture industries under the brand names pure.piano.gloss and pure.super.matt, based on KLEIBERIT’s HotCoating® technology.

Dr. Achim Hübener, CEO at dekoraPUR GmbH, sees the HotCoating® line in Barsinghausen as a reference object for KLEIBERIT that, in cooperation with international experts and interested users, helps promote the technology and raise the quality benchmarks over other coating and lacquering methods.

“We can enhance the technology under real production conditions here and fine-tune individual parameters,” says Dr. Hübener. As such, the site in Barsinghausen, near Hanover, is a mixture of industrial series production, innovative technical centre and reference site.

“The high-gloss quality of our products is reminiscent of piano lacquer, which served as a namesake for the pure.piano.gloss collection.

”There are various sales channels: manufacturers of kitchen furniture are supplied directly, and discerning interior fitters, carpenters and cabinet makers via an extensive dealer network. Please contact us for more information about our dealer network.

We accompany our clients from the product development stage on, and communicate closely with designers and interior designers to encourage new ideas for creative surface design options, particularly in combination with digital printing.